Kaja Veltz - Jurist - Jurist

MLaw Kaja Veltz


Main activities

Support and independent management of mandates in all areas of activity of the law firm. Main areas of practice in the following fields of law:

Animal law: >

Advice in all areas of animal regulations. In particular, advice and support for buying animals, whenever disputes with the veterinarian or landlord or neighbours arise, in case criminal charges are filed for animal cruelty, or as relates to orders by the district veterinary office, or in cases of liability and whenever criminal law is concerned. Assistance and representation in these areas before authorities (specifically the district veterinary office) and courts.


Studied law at University of Zurich. Internship at the Zurich Public Prosecutor's Office in 2014. Joined Bachmann Rechtsanwälte AG in 2014.


, English, German, knowledge in French