Areas of Expertise

  • Media law and personal rights protection

    Deletion or prevention of damaging statements, articles, posts, tweets, ratings, etc., corrections, enforcement of financial claims for infringements on personal rights and competition violations. Comprehensive defence strategies against systematic attacks such as campaigns, "shitstorms," etc. Further measures for sustainable protection of reputation in cooperation with communication consultants. For this purpose, in international cases, we can use our access to an international network, the "Rapid Response Network," in which we are the (only) law firm to represent Switzerland.

    With our many achievements in court, we have set new standards in this area. For example, for the first time ever we obtained enforcement of a counterstatement on the front page; held a media company liable to release its profits; and enforced the right of public communities to sue for personality infringements against their officials and authorities. Such successes have contributed to our leading position in this area, as also demonstrated by our regular top placements in the rankings published by Bilanz magazine.

  • Family and divorce law

    Advice in all areas of family law, including representation before courts and authorities (in particular, the KESB (authority for protection of children and adults]). Assistance in divorce proceedings and separation proceedings as well as in drafting contracts on the consequences of separation or divorce (post-marital maintenance, spousal maintenance / alimony, child maintenance, custody, visitation rights, property law). Assistance in drafting and reviewing contracts for family law (marriage contract, cohabitation contract, etc.)

  • Intellectual property law

    Advice and litigation in all matters of company name, copyright, trademark and design law as well as competition law. We support our clients in registering, as well as in using and exploiting intellectual property rights – notably by drafting licensing and coexistence agreements. In the event of rights infringements, we will see to the enforcement of the corresponding claims.

  • Inheritance law

    Advice and representation in all areas of inheritance law. In particular, advice on estate planning, drafting of wills and inheritance contracts, inheritance settlements and acting as the executor of wills and administrator of estates. Representation for enforcement or defence of inheritance claims, namely contestation of invalid wills as well as mitigation or compensation of excessive bequests of the testator.

  • Labour law

    Advice for employers and employees on all labour law issues, whether private or public, under individual contracts or collective agreements. Preparation of all documents relevant for the structuring of employment relationships (employment contracts, general employment conditions, corporate policies, etc.) Support and representation of employers and employees in connection with disputes under labour law (dismissal, reference, non-competition clause, etc.) and, if necessary, enforcement of claims in court. Bilanz and Le Temps have ranked us as a top law firm in Switzerland in this area for several years.

  • Contract law

    Advice and litigation in all relevant areas of contract law. The advisory activity includes in particular the drafting of legally compliant contracts in all sectors of the economy. In particular, we provide representation for enforcing contractual claims in and out of court. We have extensive experience in sales contract law, the law governing contracts for work and services, licensing law, agency law, travel law, distribution law and tenancy law.

  • Tenancy law

    Advice and counselling in all matters relating to tenancy law, in particular in disputes arising from tenancy agreements. Drafting or reviewing tenancy law documents such as tenancy agreements or operating cost statements. Representation before arbitration authorities, in tenancy courts and appellate courts in relation to tenancy matters.

  • Banking law

    Advice and representation of bank clients for enforcement of claims arising from banking relationships of any kind, in particular, in wealth management, investment consulting, account/depot relations. Mandates for domestic and foreign banks with the exception of the two largest Swiss banks (Credit Suisse and UBS). Specifically: representation in court, enforcing and defending claims arising from loan, security and investment transactions, advice in regulatory matters, as well as restructuring and negotiation of loans and collateral.

  • Criminal Law

    Defending accused persons as well as providing comprehensive advice, counsel and representation of involved private individuals and companies (damaged or injured parties, victims) in all stages of general, administrative and commercial criminal proceedings – from the initiation of a criminal investigation to the final appellate court, if necessary. Thorough counsel and analyses of all criminal law issues, including outside of criminal proceedings.

    Representation of private individuals and companies in civil and criminal international mutual legal assistance proceedings.

  • Corporate law

    Advice, contract drafting and litigation for companies, their boards and shareholders in corporate law matters, drafting of takeover, merger and shareholders' agreements, judicial enforcement of shareholders' claims under corporate law, establishing companies, GTC's, restructuring and corporate housekeeping. We are used to quickly familiarising ourselves with the respective economic background of the company and providing or enforcing the necessary legal framework.

  • Debt enforcement and bankruptcy law

    Advice in all stages of debt collection proceedings, bankruptcy proceedings and composition proceedings, as well as in related civil proceedings (judicial vitiation of objection to enforcement, attachment, actions of voidance, composition moratorium). Representation in all matters before debt collection offices, bankruptcy offices and courts. Enforcement and recovery of claims by way of debt collection. Defence against unjustified claims and debt collection, or unjustified entries in the debt collection register.

  • Migration law

    Advice and representation in all areas of the law regarding foreign nationals and migration. In particular, advice concerning residence titles and permits, naturalisation, work permits, family reunification, preparation for marriage, hardship applications and asylum issues, as well as representation in these areas before immigrations authorities (especially the migration office) and courts.