Areas of Expertise

  • Contract Law

    Advice and handling litigation in all relevant areas of civil law. Our advice includes, in particular, the preparation of corresponding agreements. We have extensive experience, in particular, in sales law, the law governing contracts for work and services and mandate law, license agreement law, agency law, travel law, tenancy and property law, as well as the areas described below.

  • Company Law

    Advice and representation of companies, members and corporate bodies at the national and international level. We offer comprehensive advice in all matters under company law, from the formation of the company, conclusion of shareholder agreements, planning and completion of restructurings, assumption of corporate housekeeping matters up through to strategic advice. Naturally, our range of offered services in this area also includes representation before governmental courts and arbitration tribunals.

  • Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

    Advising and representing clients in all matters relating to debt enforcement and bankruptcy law; enforcement and execution of money claims and of domestic and foreign civil law judgments.

  • Banking Law

    Managing mandates for foreign and domestic banks, with the exception of the two largest Swiss banks, particularly procedural representation for defence purposes or enforcement of claims resulting from loan business, hedges or investment business. Advice in regulatory matters, as well as negotiations and restructuring of loans and securities. Representation of banking clients for the enforcement and execution of claims resulting from banking relationships of all sorts, particularly asset management, investment advice, account/deposit relationships.

  • Media Law

    Our most well-known areas of specialty include the efficient representation of victims of the media. We ensure that violations of personality rights and competition law in the printed media and electronic media are corrected, atoned for or – in the ideal case – prevented, e.g., by means of provisional measures. Our performance track record in this area includes the first judicial enforcement of the restitution of profits to a media victim as well as the first enforcement of a counterstatement on the title page of a newspaper.

  • Labor Law

    Advising employers and employees in every kind of labor law question, be it private or public, individual or collective labor law. Furthermore, elaboration of all documents that may be required for the setup of an employment relationship (employment contracts, general working conditions, operating regulations etc.). In connection with labor disputes support of employers and employees and legal enforcement of their rights, if necessary.

  • Sports Law

    Advising and representing athletes: contract negotiations with employers, player agents and sponsors; representation vis-à-vis organizations, federations and companies in the sports field with regard to questions of marketing, sponsoring, licensing and the protection of intellectual property rights.

  • Inheritance Law

    Estate planning, advice on the establishment of last wills and testaments and inheritance contracts, taking over testamentary executions, estate administrations and estate distributions, enforcement and defense of claims on the part of heirs.

  • Intellectual Property Law

    Advice on all issues under the law governing company names, copyright law, trademark law and design law, including internet domains. In this regard, we support our clients both in connection with the registration of the relevant rights, the use and exploitation of intellectual property rights – in particular, the preparation of license agreements – as well as in connection with the enforcement of the corresponding claims in the event of the infringement of rights.

  • Tenancy Law and Private Construction Law

    Drafting and inspection of rental agreements, general advice in tenancy matters (residential and business premises), as well as representation of tenants and landlords before arbitration authorities and in courts. Legal advice in private construction law matters and legal support of building projects of all sorts. Drafting of service contracts, contracts for work and materials, assignments, architectural and engineering contracts, as well as general contractor agreements. Support and representation of public authorities and courts concerning the enforcement of claims connected to building projects (defect rights, claims for fees, builder’s right of lien etc.).

  • Criminal Law and International Legal Assistance

    Comprehensive legal advice and support of affected private persons and businesses in all phases of criminal procedures. Representation of affected third parties (victims, aggrieved parties) and defence of accused persons during criminal investigations and in criminal courts, in general as well as commercial and administrative criminal proceedings. Representation of private persons and businesses in civil and criminal international assistance procedures.

  • Family Law and Divorce Law

    Advice and representation in all areas of family law. In particular, representation in divorce proceedings and proceedings to protect the marital union, as well as general advice in agreements concerning consequences of separation and divorce (spousal support, child support, child custody, visiting rights, matrimonial property regimes). Editing and auditing of marital contracts and cohabitation Agreements.